The multi-social venue for affective health, is a trans-disciplinary living project inhabiting a house in Mexico City since 2014. We support artistic development by offering an easy access to safe and loving space for first exhibitions and cultural/educational events that truly diversify the creative proposals in the city. Our priority is to support projects that cannot find space because of their political content, experimental format or simply because what they propose does not fit institutions or other independent spaces.


     We encourage experimenting with other forms of social experiences based on collaboration and different ways of being together in this world.


     We are also a home to grassroots feminist projects and to any type of independent organization with a communitarian, environmental or social concern.


     We make possible real encounters that strengthen relationships and affective connections between art, publics and creators. Pandeo is a resilient house for everyone. We are a playground to connect life with creativity.


     We have managed to fund our house and activities thanks to the support of our community as well as by experimenting with a variety of exchange strategies, like barter and tequio. The situation of cultural workers and independent cultural projects in Mexico is alarmingly precarious. Any donations to the space or sales from our gallery are a direct way of supporting our community. We appreciate your interest in Pandeo and we look forward to meeting you!