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Our Programs

All of our workshops are designed by and for women and gender-diverse people, and respond to issues identified by the communities they serve. All collaborators and facilitators receive a fair remuneration for their work within our programs. Our activities take place in Mexico City or online, and serve people from different neighborhoods of the capital, the State of Mexico, and sometimes from other states and countries.

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An exhibition program aimed at women, trans and non-binary artists and curators, designed with the objective of making visible the relationships between the processes of artistic creation and curatorial practices.

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Integral training program for self-publishing, focused on the dissemination of dissident knowledge and expanded health knowledge...

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This program seeks to promote self-management as a strategy to achieve social change through the empowerment of public initiatives of individuals and collectives of the LBTTIQA community.

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Ruidaa is a program of free or low-cost workshops focused on training women, trans and non-binary people in the field of sound production.

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Since 2014 we have hosted 10 artist residencies, collaborated with more than 80 collectives and independent projects, and hosted more than 300 workshops and events for diverse publics through our permanent call as "Espacia Abierta".

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