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Volunteer Program

Pandeo is a small structure with a lot of desire to do big things.

We are a self-managed civil association involving a wide network of people making our activities possible. If you are interested in our work and want to get involved, this program is for you.


Our volunteer program combines our comprehensive training approach with the specific needs of the project. Volunteers will have the opportunity to train in areas of interest to them, as well as gain a better understanding of how a cultural space works. There are two types of volunteering focused on different needs/possibilities of the project.


1. One-time volunteering/Tequio

Pandeo is in a key transition moment for its future. In December of this year, the loan of space from which we have benefited since our opening in 2014 will come to an end. We are looking for a new home and therefore need timely support in specific areas of work:

- Support in our moving process: packing, sorting, inventorying.
- Support in our search for a lease/loan of space/low cost space to continue our activities.
- If you have another idea of how you could support us, welcome :)

→ Timely/flexible availability

2. Volunteering in programs

The activities carried out at Pandeo are developed within 5 programs: Bicéfala, the Minimimprenta, Ruidaa, Transafectivxs and the Espacia Abierta. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these programs, we recommend that you review the corresponding information available in the programs section to find out which one corresponds to your interests.


- Volunteers will work hand in hand with program managers.
- The activities carried out within this volunteering will be in accordance with the interests/skills of the volunteers as well as the specific needs of the program at the moment.
- Volunteers will acquire knowledge specific to the program of their choice through practice and training by the program managers.
- Flexible availability, minimum 2 hours per week



Some examples of activities carried out in this volunteer program:


Exhibitions mounting, diffusion, curatorial assistance, event support.

Volunteer Profile:

Women, trans and non-binary people interested in exhibition and curatorial processes.


Archiving, printing of publications, dissemination, research.


Volunteer Profile:

People interested in print media, graphic design, fanzines and/or self-publishing.


Support for events and workshops.

Volunteer Profile:

People of the sex-gender diversities and cuirs interested in event management, mutual accompaniment processes and comprehensive sexual education.


Support for events, dissemination and workshops.


Volunteer Profile:

People interested in music production.


Due to lack of space, this program is currently inactive. :(


- Issuance of a certificate of participation
- Improved knowledge of the operation of a cultural space
- Remuneration in kind with publications
- Priority registration in our activities


- A creative, empathetic, reflective and proactive person, with research, reading and critical analysis skills and a taste for contemporary art; who shows interest in creative learning processes, collaborative work, the social linkage of the museum and the ways in which audiences interact with it.
- Students in their last semesters of studies in Education or Pedagogy, Art History, Visual or Plastic Arts, Architecture, Design or other related careers or recent graduates of these careers.

Sending applications

Send us your application specifying which volunteer program you are interested in and why.
Send us your CV (one page) to let us know about your experience.
→ to
→ people will be contacted by mail.
→ whether or not we accept your application will depend on the needs/possibilities of the project at this time.




If you have free time and are interested in supporting Pandeo, please contact us :)

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